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Bar and Restaurant Interior Design

We’re a hospitality design company that covers all the creative and practical details of the interior design process. We know how the food and beverage industry works, and how the restaurant and bar scene works in Central London and the rest of the UK, thanks to our 20 years industry experience. Our team of expert designers, architects, planners and marketing professionals work together with your new or established business to bring together every aspect of bringing your brand to life and creating an unforgettable experience for your guests and customers.

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Dtwo’s style as a design firm isn’t simply to follow the crowd and deliver the same hospitality interior design services as everyone else. We strive to create and innovate, to help our client’s projects lead the way. We look at any project from the journey of the end user; from the handles on the bar or restaurant door to the branding on the receipt in their pocket, no stone is left unturned. From owning F&B venues ourselves, we have an encyclopaedia of knowledge in the field of hospitality. Dtwo know how to make guests want to come back for more. We don’t drag out the interior design process, we hit it on the head and get it done on time on budget.

Our feasibility process involves accessing the local market and locations around East London, and the centre of the UK capital. This includes concept inspiration and innovation, graphic and branding design and brand positioning. We believe in the concept of fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It is important to know what works and what can be done within your budget and how to maximise the location you’re in. This means that at the end of the process, you know you have not missed a trick and have maximised the success of your hospitality business for the future. Having achieved great outcomes for restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes across Central London, we know this is possible for you.


Services - Research & Insight / Financial Strategy / Layout plans / Planning / Licensing plans / Brand Positioning

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We have a team of talented interior designers that pull together all the creative packs and research to produce detailed design schemes for any type of hospitality venture. From street food stalls and bars to hotels and high-end restaurants in East and Central London and elsewhere in the UK, there is no design project to small or big for our team. We produce detailed construction packs for tender with the help of our in-house construction team. With an experienced background in licensing and planning, we also help make the changes to the site that are required to show other stake-holders and key decision makers that you mean business. With detailed 3D animations and visuals down to the detailed construction drawings, we can guide the design project perfectly to the opening date of your restaurant or bar. With a love and appreciation for detail, we aim to understand and develop any interior design brief that is given to us with all expectations answered.

Services - Interior Design / Lighting Design / Furniture Design / 3D Design / Concession Design / Exhibition Design / Interior Styling


As a restaurant and bar-owning interior design company, we have detailed and comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of the customer’s interaction with hospitality brands across the UK. We want them to be Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming and YouTubing to the world about what an amazing journey they have just been on at your venue. Delivering the best possible customer experience for your company is always supreme goal for us. Driving brand awareness and generating profit for our clients is the key. We have a team of graphic design and marketing experts ready and waiting to find the best design solution for every aspect of your hospitality business. We don’t just down tools after the successful launch or opening day of your restaurant - we live and breathe your business and are along for the ride. Dtwo doesn't just work with your company to establish a new concept or refresh an existing one – we become the creative engine of your brand.

Services - Brand Identity / Signage & Logo / Packaging / Web- site Design / POS Design / Product Design / Menu Design

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Contact Us

Are you starting a new hospitality business or planning a rebrand for an existing bar or restaurant? Our Central London based team will be delighted to arrange an initial consultation with you to discuss your plans and ideas. 
To get in touch, simply complete the contact form here. We look forward to working with you. 

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